Robert J. Hunter: Hurricane

Robert J. Hunter is the quintessential live blues performer. It's always a pleasure recording his gigs and this is one of his most powerful songs, presented by the Amwell Collective

27 August 2016

Lazy Talk: Live at the Water Rats

As seasoned stage performers, Lazy Talk are a Reggae Ska band performing with the Amwell Collective at The Water Rats, a great little venue in North London with a perfect video setup.

27 August 2016

Louie Le Vack: Faded

I met Louie after recording his gig at the O2 Islington and knew immediately this was someone with talent and ambition. On stage he spoke to the audience and the camera with ease. When an opportunity arose to work with him on his first video, I didn't hesitate.

18 August 2016

Daniel Greenwood: Let It Rain

At a small cabin in North London, Daniel Greenwood gives us a breathtaking performance of his own song, Let It Rain, accompanied by the unmistakable riffs and guitar picking of Joe Corbin. It's an honour just to watch these guys play, let alone record.

28 April 2016

Waste: Wondernight at Nambucca

Waste put on a great performance as part of Wondernight at Nambucca in January. There were some great colours that evening with the lighting but sometimes a video just shouts black & white. I think the contrast held up.

20 February 2016

Maria Kroon: Brush The Summer By

I originally met Maria Kroon after she accompanied Robert James Selby at a gig in 2015. She wasn't well lit on her set so I was keen to collaborate with her on something else. We filmed Brush The Summer By in Bushey, Hertfordshire. She braved a cold and very windy day in November until her fingers could no longer hold the strings. I think her composition perfectly captures the loss and longing of Emily Dickinson's poem

5 February 2016

Kate and the Titans: A jam at Wondernight

Katharine Alicia jams with Andy Potter, Rich Mills and Nico Warschauer, as the Titans, at the last Nambucca Wondernight. Great lighting and Kate's exquisite vocals made my job very easy. This was certainly not an evening I was going to miss when I saw the lineup

2 February 2016

The Western Traveller: Queen Jane

I had turned up at the King Charles I pub in King's Cross intending to film Andy Potter. We didn't quite get the take we wanted and so Ben, who was working behind the bar, picks up a guitar and plays this. Outstanding. And no small thanks to Andy who engineered the audio.

22 December 2015

Luke Shield: Take Me While I'm Here

Luke Shield, lead singer of Paves, seemed almost uncertain when he took to the small stage to perform with an acoustic guitar, but any doubt was completely swept away by a stunning outburst of extraordinary raw talent.
3 October 2015

London Fashion Week: 2015

Hired to record an event at London Fashion week I was lucky enough to be positioned directly facing the very end of the runway to get the best angles from a scrum of hungry photographers and videomakers.
23 September 2015

A Walk Through London: With my C100

A first trip to London with what has become my trusty Canon C100 Mark II. The colours that come off this camera are stunning without little more than a single LUT.

16 May 2015